October 10, 2011

Thankful But In Pain.

First Canadian Thanksgiving I have had in a decade. Friday passed without a hitch, thank goodness. Saturday passed quite uneventfully until my niece and sister picked me up around 5:30 pm to go out for dinner and to the Observatory. We had a lovely dinner at Swiss Chalet. But it was quite exorbitant considering the food was the same as in the 90's and the noise factor was far too loud for comfort. We finally arrived at the Observatory around 8:30 pm. It took us another 10 minutes to get from where we parked to the Observatory entrance. When we got to the door the guide told us we had to go to another building to get tickets. While my niece went to get the tickets, my sister and I waited on the lawn for her.

When she returned she told us th
at it was not accessable to those who had disabilities. So my sister and I couldn't go but we encouraged my niece to go ahead. We waited about half and hour and she came back and said that it was going to be another hour till she would get in there to look through the telescope. She decided to go for a refund; which the girls in the other building gave her. Needless to say we were all glad to get back to the car. My niece had a hard time turning around on a undersized "2 lane dirt road". We finally made our way out of there.

The thing is this. When my niece went to the site for this Observatory which houses one of the largest telescopes; if not the largest, in North America she was sort of disappointed. The design of the site is very poor and the information limited. If some American concern was trying to tell people about the site, you can be sure that it would have fireworks on a video and they would be bragging about their telescope like crazy. Now, there is nothing wrong with th
at is there? So how come we Canadians are so overtly modest about the neat things we have in our country????

Okay, yesterday morning my housemate upstairs went to hospital from church as she was in pain with a digestive condition. I often watch the television upstairs but her dog wanted out so I put her on her outdoor leash. It came time to bring her in after night had fallen naturally. Yours truly took a header onto the cement steps after tripping on the dog's leash and a hose that had been left in the same vicinity. I think I strained my all ready arthritic legs and my left arm so that will take awhile to heal. However I scraped my face up a bit and that isn't comfortable either. What I dislike about it, is peop
le notice and then ask me what happened. If I hadn't scraped up my face there wouldn't be any questions. However, one of the gentleman downstairs helped me out by giving me first aid which I though very gallant.

Today I went with my friend for breakfast and spent the rest of the day around home but away from the front steps. I used
the side door as an extra safety measure.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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