January 2, 2012

The Holiday Season of 2010/2011.

Well I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed New Years Eve and Day as well! I decided this year not to make any resolutions but to give myself a break and accomplish what I could naturally do without the stress of a list. Any time I have written a list of resolutions I have been really disappointed with myself. If I just stick to my habit of setting small goals every week then perhaps at the end of the year I will have accomplished some really neat larger goals.

I had a really quiet Christmas and New Years this year and I really did enjoy myself. We had a traditional turkey dinner for Christmas and a quiche at New Years. I think we will have the ham we thought we would have on New Years Day later in the week. In any case, we certainly did not starve. My girlfriend and housemate and I ate well over the holidays.

Just Too Much Christmas And New Years This Year!

This past Christmas seems to be to have been a lot less commercial for me as well. That really made it seem more like the ones in my childhood. Our Christmas tree was adorned with a lot of home crafted ornaments and we tried to just take each thing as it came instead of planning every second out. I am so glad it was so quiet and laid back. It gave me a chance to meditate on what Christmas is all about and to enjoy it all the more.