February 27, 2012

What does one do?

What does one do when all about you is gray and tawdry? Get out your paints and colour your world with deft and decisive strokes.

I am very fortunate in having a church affiliation that gives me the opportunity to meet and be with pe
ople that are kind and generous with their talents, time, homes and treats. I think that my life would be drab indeed if it weren't for the Denises, Marys, Ardelles and Flos of this world. God bless you all!

I have also been blessed with a friend who is teaching me some really marvelous crocheting techniques and I salute Ruth as well.

I am very happy knowing these people. I am very fortunate in being able to colour my world with my imagination and my ability to do what I am doing this very moment. Without being able to write a little, I would not have the full and happy days at this time of life; that I do have!

God truly is in His heaven and everything is right in His world.


Go see the wonderful images of Rio's Carnival here. I know I would really love to see this marvelous 'happening' in person but I know I won't so isn't grand we have the internet?

Just a little note: Oscar Winners can be seen here.

Leonardo and I

I have had a love affair with something for years now! And one of the loveliest things in the world happened to me yesterday. A friend took me to a movie theater for a presentation of the 9 November 2011 - 5 Febuary 2012 showing of an Art exhibit that was on at the National Gallery in London, England.

All I can say is it absolutely blew me away. The only thing that I could not do is stand in front of each canvas for an hour or more. But I got to see most of the important ones they had in the exhibit. I think that the most wonderful piece for me was the 'Salvator Mundi' or 'Saviour of the World'.

Although not one of the other canvases was far behind as far as the sheer thrill I felt seeing them. Two more that really hit me were the The Musician and La Belle Ferroniere.

Of course, one of the two most wonderful paintings we saw were the two versions of the Virgin of the Rocks' painting. This particular painting can be seen here, If this presentation ever is shown again in movie theaters or on television I strongly urge you to go see it or stay home and watch it. It is all very delightful food for the soul and very
educational as well!