June 8, 2012

God's Living Room

There is a darling little park near my home where my dog, Dylan and I go to walk at least once a day.  However there is a problem these days with Skopit Park.   A number of people with both big and little dogs and pigs are not bringing their own biodegradable bags with them so they can scoop their animals poop.  Furthermore people with coffee cups, soda bottles water bottles, and various and sundry disposable food containers, are just dropping them on the ground.  The parks people that cut the grass and empty those round boxes spend their time cleaning up after the debris.  Wouldn't it be easier on our tax dollars if we would just take a minute to put our own garbage in the trash bin?

These thoughtless actions are not appreciated by a lot of people who use the park for their children, their animals and themselves.  To me it is like littering on a small portion of God's living room!  We need to be better housekeepers of this world and it starts in each of our own neighbourhoods. 

It is important to keep Mother Earth pristine one step at a time. Yes; this includes baby steps.  One might think, "Well one little cigarette butt or piece of paper or 'Tim's' cup won't make a difference; but people it does!  Let us all be Ladies and Gentleman and keep our streets, our homes and our parks clean and tidy!  

 The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog

Ruth and I went to the park this morning and dirty things were littered all over the ground!  My nose was not giving me the lovely green smells I have come to expect when I am there.  Three nights ago I put my paw into some Setter's yucky poop because their owner didn't scoop their doggies' stuff.  If I had opposable thumbs instead of paws, I would have picked up the litter and gotten my 'Mommy' to put it in one of two containers for stinky things.  But I don't!  Ruth and I were both very disappointed in the other humans about us that misuse our little park.

All the pictures are stock photos except the one of Dylan the Dog which my friend Alec Bruyns took for me and the map which I got from the Town of Richmond Hill site.