May 4, 2012

Mother's Day on the 13th of May.

Mother's Day is coming up a week from next Sunday.  My own Mom passed away five years ago.  A memorial to my Mother is on my website here .  I designed the whole page myself as a tribute to her.

It doesn't seem to be a very big deal for those under 50 these days.  Each century has its own cuts on sentimentality.   In the past few years, they have claimed it is the recession but lack of money doesn't stop a person from using their talents to create a homemade card.

 I am thinking I just may treat myself in and around that day just so I don't get all nostalgic.  I find that if I am able to do that sort of thing it kind of makes things a little better.  I know my Mother would encourage it and probably want me to pick her up something too.   Maybe I will get some bangles for myself.  

When I think of Mother's Day, I remember giving my mother a little music box with a 18th century youth going around and around to 'Windmills of My Mind' I think.  I know that my Mother kept it in her china cabinet and it seems to have disappeared completely.   My Mother put our names on the things she wanted to leave each of us .  I know there is no one else in the family that has the same christian name as I do.  It is all too strange as is life in general.  At any rate; when I gave it to her she seemed truly delighted with it.