August 28, 2010

Long Ago and......

I just finished watching 'Milk' all the way through and understand now on a more visceral level the absolute importance of Harvey's agenda and work. I don't think that the fight is over yet; indeed the fight is still on for all disenfranchised people; homosexuals, women and children being the main groups. What hit me the most about Harvey's death; is the fact that someone like Dan White would not be remembered in life outside of the movie or book as much as Harvey was in death. That my friends is how it should be! The good guys should be remembered first and foremost. If just one person remembers someone who has helped the hopeless; then no activism of any kind is pointless.

Which brings me to the point of this posting. After I watched 'Milk' my mind traveled back to my nephew Andrew and all the things he was and what he might have been had he lived. Suffice to say, Andy had the great spirit of an activist given half a chance! I spent the 60's pursuing some cause or other. Never felt as though I was very successful though. It is hard being part of a whole, large, group when you are young and have dreams of being a ground-breaker. Of course, the other side of the coin is that it was wonderful having some small part in that sign carrying era. But that was long ago and far away.

If I could still walk for miles, stand with my arms above my head for prolonged periods of time, or shout over and over for hours; I would still probably be trying to protest something or another. Then I realized I have a quieter, low-key way of carrying a placard. I will continue to use this space as my placard. I shall continue to do that post after post.

August 1, 2010

Mini-post: Saw Ralph Sunday!!

Sunday, I watched Ralph Nader on a 3 hour C-span special. He was just as amazing as I thought he was all those years ago when he was an activist for seat belts.

After that I watched Laura Ingraham author of the 'Obama Diaries' run on about her beliefs and how good Americans knew that being a believer in conservative right wing values were the way. She minimizes anything and everything that President Obama has tried to do with what he has unfortunately inherited from the former Republican government. To my mind, true patriotism lies in the different legislature that one backs that makes life easier for the disenfranchised and the poorer people; not just Americas' privileged class. It does not lie in false sentimentality or flag waving. It lies in the full knowledge of what being a citizen of this country and ones true obligations.

I believe in God, Country, and a being happy. I know that sounds simplistic; but for me it is that simply put and that complex in real life. I believe in a Higher Power who is personal. I believe that a country and all its benefits are here for all its citizens. When just a chosen few get the privileges then the country isn't being governed correctly at all. That is just this woman's opinion.