September 28, 2011

Three Thoughts

I have three thoughts to cover today aside from this one. I am missing my kitties; Morin and Teddybear. Now for my three cogitations, here goes!

I feel as though the time has come to just go ahead and forget what has gone before June of 2011. I won't forget the lovely memories I have made. However; I will strive to forget all the negative people, things, and the nightmare that was part of my experience at the end on Long Island. There is nothing to be gained in their remembrance. I am working everyday to make my space a positive environment for Dylan and myself. It is important to feel comfortable where we live. So I am trying to decorate it so it feels like our own home. I do need a dresser, a bookshelf and a display case or cabinet; so I am on the look out for somethings that will do the job.

On to the second thought. I really enjoy the net but sometimes one can chat too much and the real world suffers. I do know some people that have absolutely ignored important messages I have sent them. I believe we have to keep the real world and the virtual world in perspective. It is very important to do this, just so one doesn't read too much into what people say on a chat, message system or phone.
Beware also of scam artists trying to rip off your identity; whether they are people you think you may know or not. Report any bogus banks and financial institutions you get in your email as well. Having said that I have a lot of good honest old friends online and enjoy chatting with them often.

The last and third thought is about the winter 'garden' I propose to grow. I want to put up a shelf on my insulated basement window so I can grow some simple pots of Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes and some sort of greens. I need salads and zing in my diet. I may even want to grow some chickweed. I am also looking for any articles on 'spelt'. One of my dearest relatives has told me that baking with 'spelt' and substituting it for bread would do a great deal of good for my health. If anyone has done this please leave a comment and website source with it.

Well that is all for this posting. See you again in October.

Note: The young baker was supplied with oven mitts so he would not burn his paws.


grandtour said...

I just read some of your blog Canada is much better than USA it is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited sorry for all of your bad luck I hope things look up for you

R. D. Shultz said...

Thanks grandtour. I think things are looking up now. I believe it is for the reasons I have sited in my October 16th posting. It is amazing that quite often inspiration does come from words of faith even in this techno age. - rdshultz