January 19, 2012

Holiday Blues

Well here it is the 19th of the month and I really am suffering from after holiday blues. I think it is because I haven't seen any of my children or grandchildren since I got back in July.

Life is so fleeting I wonder why people aren't more forthcoming when you need to hear from them. I am trying my best to keep my chin up, be strong, and optimistic. Sometimes it is hard to tell just where you are at with things from one day until the next.

The weather outside certainly doesn't make life wonderful. Arthritis doesn't fair so well in cold or inclement weather. I try to be optimistic, fill my days with writing, see my friends and look after Dylan but it often isn't enough. I am trying to make make some money so that I can afford little luxuries. But they are hollow compared to the emotional ties that are missing in my life.

Perhaps the Universe, in its own perverse way is handing me a sentence of some kind. I don't really know; but if it is it seems to be doing the trick as far as making me sad, hurt, and confused.

However; like my Mother I do believe that every cloud has a silver lining and that if you get lemons you should make lemonade so I will continue to work at being optimistic and positive about life.