June 23, 2012

Trolls or Consequences

 It saddens me a great deal the way that people today don't seem to care what happens in their society. I wonder where the teachings of my parents and grandparents have gone. Even when someone was not respected as someone that people revered; others showed common decency towards them. There is a video being shown on 'you tube' these days and you might find it interesting so go here I do not understand the way people think at all. I hope those young people get prosecuted to the full extent of the law. My generation were pretty off the wall but we still respected our elders. 'The world is big, and cat bullies might be cute, but people bullies are the ugliest monsters I can imagine.' Posted by Angelica Sidious

 What really gets me about this situation is that she is probably monitoring these vindictive little trolls for nothing.

There is another problem people have with their lack of manners these days as well.. The big thing is that everyone should keep a real date book so you know what is on during that month. First, to keep yourself abreast of business, social, and medical commitments. Second, to make sure you don't commit to more than you can handle. Third, it also helps to keep probabilities penciled in so that you can tell people in good time, that; if such and such happens you won't be able to attend whatever event. It makes life go along at a nicer pace. It also helps keep your relationships with people on a positive upswing.

 The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog 

 Ruth is talking about a very important problem today. I watched a bit of the video with her. And people call us 'animals'! It is horrific what these human children did. In regard to the other thing - if I had a real social life I would keep a date book. But I don't write and I can't see the sense in having a book full of paw prints. :) 

 The bullying cat picture comes from Angelica's site 'Millions of Cats'. The picture of Dylan was taken by Alec Bruyns.