March 18, 2012

This Is What I Think Is Important Here In Canada!

I love Easter. It is my favorite celebration of faith! Having said that, I think it is the only Christian holiday that isn't overtly commercialized yet.

Someone the other day, told me that 'they' are going to take all mention of the Trinity out of the bible as parts of a deity. That would make Christ a very nice man but not part of the God head. I beg your pardon? Who is this 'they'? What right do 'they' have messing with the bible in a Christian country????? I still have a problem trying to understand how 'they' took the Lord's Prayer out of the morning exercises in public schools and how 'they' got away with it. I have always felt that 'when one is in Rome they should do what the Romans do'. In another words if you want to immigrate or have asylum in Canada; then you should accept the way we do things here in Canada.

Let's stand up for our rights people. We always have accepted people from other nations and faiths; but we should not have to turn into a facsimile of another nation. If we become afraid to stand up for what this country is all about others will take it in another direction. A direction which will defeat the very reason that our ancestors made things the way they did here in Canada. Our Bill of Rights will become milk toast and our democratic rights will go down the waste pipe.

Our economy is hurting because the whole dichotomy of our society has been turned upside down. We have allowed, to my mind, uncontrolled immigration. I believe being a mosaic culturally in Canada is important as well as wonderful. However; we should temper the numbers that immigrate here, balance each countries contributions, and make sure people are here with the right idea in mind. As new immigrants and future citizens, they must honor Canada as a free Christian country. It is that way because the majority of colonists who settled here were from France and the United Kingdom. They came here to practice religious and political freedom. They built this country on christian ethics and democratic ideas. So you see people can come to this country because Canada, came into being on July 1, 1867, through the British North America Act now known as the Constitution Act. Canada was the first country to be created by real legislation. If 'they' change things the way they want to; then we have a country that no longer celebrates it's uniqueness or its amazing freedoms. So let us listen to those who built this country and to those who still have good Christian ethics and real democratic ideas. Therefore let us continue to run this country the way we should by continuing to be good friends with the country to our south; whilst we continue to do things the authentic Canadian way.

Note : The link is to Rod Taylor's thoughts on the subject.