January 30, 2009

About My Room Mates

As you all must know by now I have 4 wonderful cats as members of my household. They include a huge, lovely, orange, Tabby named Morin, a orange and white tuxedo Tabby; Teddy Bear, a black and white tuxedo Manx; Panda, and last but not least my little multi-cald or calico Exotic; Victoria. They each have distinct personalities and each of them have eccentricities.

Morin is a huge male that enjoys ruling the roost; but just when he thinks things are under his control Teddy Bear runs at him and literally falls on him. They don't hurt each other they just seem to be having fun. Morin always retaliates but gently as Teddy is smaller than him. Now roly poly Panda has a way about her that can be both annoying and endearing. She serenades me with a catty, grating, semi-musical yowl every time she is pleased with a situation or herself. Victoria who is a diminutive female sort of lies around observing the others and every once in a while dive bombs Morin when she is in a playful mood. Teddy won't let me go anywhere in the house alone. He must observe everything I do which can be quite disconcerting at times. Whilst he is doing this he too serenades me with his own ceaseless little meow pattern. Often when I am working on my computer one of them; usually Panda or Teddy will sit on my lap and follow whatever I am doing with glimmering eyes and every once a in awhile peer up at me as if to say, "Come on Mom, haven't you done enough now?"

The thing about having these wonderful felines in my home is that they make great company, you can converse with them, you can tell them all your secrets and they never answer you back, tell your secrets, or argue with you. They will sit with you on the couch and watch all your favorite programs with you. They seem to give you their complete attention and they give you hours of joy.

In short dear readers, I simply love living here with my 4 cats in our little cottage in the city!

January 18, 2009

Someone Out There ....Do You Know The Answer?

Sometimes I feel like I am very small and insignificant when I must deal with some of the government issues one does at my time of life.

I need health insurance but really can't afford it. I need some insurance to take care of things when I die...you know the cremation, the memorial service and any medical expenses so my family don't have to deal with it. I need dental, vision, and prescription insurance or plans. Where do you get all this stuff and if you are on a fixed income doesn't the government give you some of this here in the USA? Oh no... it is Canada that has Universal health or at least it used to prior to 1998 when I lived there.

I am telling you trying to figure all of this stuff out is a colossal task to say the least. I think I had better do some research. Perhaps I will understand how it works much better once I have read some of the information on the government sights directed to the Seniors.

Who am I kidding? I know that that will only mix me up even more. Now why in heaven's name shouldn't I be able to do this thing? After all I have a 'black belt" in blogging. I know how to set up a website, write articles, use paypal, etc. Why does this task seem so particularly daunting? Oh well...I shall return soon...hopefully with the answers!

Then perhaps I shall feel more like this.-------->

I did point out in the previous article that I would have challenges but that I would conquer them. Awww me!

I shall keep you posted!

January 11, 2009

Smile: Fortunes Often Turn Around!

As is true in this life, for me and many others; often there are times when fortunes turn around. I am finally making a nice income even though I am a widow. Now I can enjoy my work on the computer and stop looking for things that will constantly and consistently earn me money. I can implement my knowledge on this machine to research more. I will be able to take a few small risks every now and then. I can use my time on the computer to help other people with their dreams and enjoy myself. I can tell that this year is going to be a great one. Sure I will still have challenges but my life will undoubtedly be more serene. I think that being in the late autumn of my life is only going to get better. Things are turning up that are making my life more pleasant, comfortable and bountiful. They are not only tangible things but the intangible things that are hard to express. I am feeling more optimistic about 2009 than I ever have any other year since my husband died in 2001.

I ask my readers to go to the sites on the side bar and see what I have to offer. Help me to make each day that goes by more fruitful for yourself, myself, and others. Please excuse the fact that bit by bit I am revamping some of my sites. I would appreciate it if you would visit them at least once a week to see the changes.

Here's hoping that 2009 is the very best year of your life to date!