November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

It seems as though each October and November that goes by that we have more and more to be thankful for in North America. I celebrate the american thanksgiving because I live here but remember my family in Canada at their thanksgiving.

Many of you will have endured trains, planes and automobiles, body scanners, pat downs and traffic by January the 2, 2011. Being put out all over the map is well worth it when you get to gather around the table for a lovely holiday meal with friends and family. This may be the only time you get to commune with these people this year. For some of you, this may be the last time you will ever see an individual. Be happy today, enjoy the company, bury all differences and rejoice in your similarities.

Just remember; whatever you have for your Thanksgiving meal, that the poorest in this country are far richer than so many other poverty stricken people in many countries of the world. Be thankful that your country is protected by armed forces who make sacrifices so you can be a member of a free country. These liberties are not often available in other parts of the world.

Enjoy the ability to go out on 'Black Friday' and buy this or that for the loved ones on your list. Be grateful you have the funds with which to buy them. Do your best to use manners and good common sense when you are out there shopping in the crowds. Be generous with your comments and deportment in the shops. Remember everyone else is just trying to find that special gift for their particular loved one or friend just like you.

Note: Melissa and Michael's Wedding was lovely according to everyone. We saw them on Thanksgiving and they seem very happy. God Bless them Both!

November 10, 2010




Remembrance Day - November 10, 2010

May We Always Remember Those

Who Fell In Battle

To Preserve Our Freedom!

Although I live in the United States of America I am still a Canadian in my heart.

November 8, 2010

Days of Dylan and Bare Feet Gone?

I remember a time in my life when I believed in total freedom, and people helping one another in all areas of life. I lived on a commune farm, wore bell-bottoms and madras tops. We created protest signs some of which I carried. All of us took part in growing our organic vegetables on the farm and milking our cow. I could consume large amounts of food and not gain weight. I spent long afternoons on city beaches, viewed Fritz the Cat at a movie festival, went to Mariposa Folk Festival, Woodstock and New Port Jazz Fest. I lived in the Village in the 60's and Spanish Harlem for more than year in the early 70's. I was a extraordinarily accomplished baker, a champion of substitution, and made the best brownies anywhere.

I still believe in freedom but on a more personal level. I don't try to change the world anymore; just a little corner of it. I do my best to buy good produce. I don't eat a lot of red meat but am not a vegetarian any longer. I wear jeans, a lot of leopard print, and bright cat t-shirts. I still love Dylan, Melanie, the Beatles, folk music, psychedelic rock, music festivals, and warm city beaches. I don't bake brownies anymore nor do I go to Harlem or the Village.

Every decade in my life has taught me a little about myself and the world around me. For instance; I can't smoke anymore, I don't like large crowds at all, anything I eat goes right on my hips, my tolerance for pungent smells is low, I can't stand on these old pins for a very long time nor can I walk a long way. But I still walk bare foot whenever possible, enjoy chick peas in all kinds of salads and soups, and love bright prints and colors.

So the Days of Dylan and bare feet are not gone just revised. Oh by the way I still love Fritz. He is one of my guilty pleasures.

November 4, 2010

Voting's done.

The Republicans have the House of Representatives, the Democrats have the Senate and the Presidency and the country has a great many problems. Other than that everything is right with the world. That said, I want to talk not about politics but relationships.

Relationships definitely present a slippery slope quite often these days. Trying to get the day to day routine to somehow turn into a great romantic evening is sometimes near impossible. When I was 30 I didn't believe that romance would be part of my life after 50. I sure did not know anything about seniors and relationships. It is just as real and as intense as it has always been; just a little more work in some ways. In fact I am beginning to realize that I will be 6 ft under, so to speak, before my sexuality doesn't mean anything.

Interpersonal relationships with my children, girl friends, and male friends have become more and more interesting every day. I should really be happy to see all my friends in person every day. The tech age helps us sustain friendships over miles and chat as though they are in the same room. Guess that will have to do.

I even have something called memory that enables me to have an ability to keeps those I have loved; that have passed on, to still be part of the present to an extent.

My animals provide a sounding board that never talks back and is always there with a sympathetic ear and a small shoulder to cry on. They seem to hang on my every word and seem to want to help me find a solution to all problems.

The tech age is wonderful to keep in touch with those that are sick or infirmed. A good medium to find out solutions for health problems. A place to answer a question or two wrought by
curiosity. A place to order those special items we need to order for others and ourselves. Which brings me to the real 'relationship' that I have with my computer. Ain't life in the 21st century incredible?

Just one thing....wonder if the journal industry knows if they know why they aren't selling so well? :)

Note: I hope that Melissa's and Mike's wedding turns out as beautiful as it promises to be on Sunday.