October 16, 2011

Fighting the Battle!

Just got back from worship service. I know I don't usually talk about my faith on my blog but today I am going to touch on a few things I think and believe. The Pastor's talk was all about which battles to choose and who chooses them. She pointed out that our battles belong to the Lord and all of them needed God's strategy. (Joshua - chapters 5 and 6 )

Well my discovery for today is this: Most of my battles are the kind that I have to let go of now. I cannot keep digging t
hem up and dusting them off. That is like saying to the God of my understanding; "Father, you didn't do a good enough job in fighting for me in the first place!" Every day in every way it is becoming more and more clear that there is a God and I am not Him. I must recognize that He did do a great job from the start. He could not have helped it. He is omnipotent and therefore perfect in everything He does. All that I can or should do is follow His guidance and all the good results in my life; are ultimately to His glory.

Life is not boring. It is up to us to be enthusiastic and make the most of the day! The God of my understanding wants me to be Joyful and in the moment!

Okay having said that, with His help, I have resolved to be less timid when I want to do something, curious enough to explore, a little more aware of all the talents that He has given me, and be Joyful in living life!

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