May 17, 2009

I Got Issues!

I have three issues that are bothering me a great a deal of late so I decided to share with you folks. First issue: Are emails sometimes the bane of your existence? Do you get multiple copies of the same less than valuable offers? Or someone sending the same offer more than 2 times in a week? Second issue: Have any of you ever had the misfortune of someone not being honest enough to refund what is due you? Third issue: Who are the ones that decide your article 'worth'?

First issue: I went to my inbox today and found over 3000 emails. Over a half of them were duplicated mailings. When I got those pared down I found that a lot of the offers were just absolute crap! I have made it known on any emails I send that I want them to know that they should tell me if I send duplicates and for them to give me the same courtesy.

Second issue: You see to me an offer can be valuable even if you spend $7 on it . It may be worthwhile at $47. But if I find it is just a rerun of the same old tired stuff that is when I want a refund or when I haven't ordered it in the first place but have it foisted upon me.
I tried to write this one marketer about the refund honestly owed to me. I have replied to 4 of his emails over the past 11 days along with a ticket at his help desk to no avail. I mean he hasn't even had the courtesy to write me.

Third issue: Just who is it that is phenomenally 'great' enough to judge if a person's content is good enough? How do you get in the article elite? And when do you do does it do you any good? Are the reviews that important? I don't have any answers for these questions but if you have something to say please write your comment or answer here.