December 28, 2008

Well soon it will be a brand New Year! Time sure does fly doesn't it? It doesn't seem to matter whether you are having fun or not. I have often wondered where the traditions of New Year's Eve and Day came from so I looked it up. Click on the word spirit below to see the whole article.

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"Symbolically, New Year signifies a renewal of life. Hence, the spirit of celebration for the regeneration, while discarding the old and worn out. The customs and practices, though modified through the centuries, have still their distinctive strains in the ways we welcome each onrushing year."

I don't bother with any resolutions as such anymore. I just try to do the best I can for myself and others that I can throughout the year. I just hope that 2009 works out better than 2008 did. Not that this past year has been so bad; it's just that I hoped I would have more personal and business progress. I do believe that it will be better this coming year. I just have to put a little more 'relaxed' effort into my days and not get all anxious.

So on New Year's Eve and Day where ever you are; if you are in the mood, and you happen to be making your New Years wish or saying a special prayer say one for me please. God Bless all of you and see you in 2009!

Graphics by Whisper and Guapo
Note: Try not to eat too much and if you make resolutions why not do them 'One Day At A Time'?

After the Celebration

It seems that just as soon as the big day comes it is over before I know it! At least this seems to be the consensus about Christmas day among my friends. A lot of us spend the day after feeling full and uncomfortable. As that particular day goes , 2008 wasn't bad at all. I spent Christmas day with my friend and her children and her grandchildren. She and her daughter put on a wonderful feast! I ate far to much and she sent me home with 'a plate for tomorrow'.

However the next day after the fact I missed my children and Tom horribly. I had my little weep and tried to do some work here on the computer.

My boyfriend, Dennis and I spent quite a bit of time here online yesterday playing a generic game of Scrabble which was a lot of fun! We had the video up and the phone on so we could taunt each other. I need to do some work today. I really hope that I can have my revamped sites up before the first but at the very least by the fifth of January.

I truly hope that you and yours enjoyed a great Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or any other winter holiday you may celebrate in your home!

December 19, 2008


I am having a problem these days. You may have or have not noticed my Personal on some of my sites. I have not talked to my youngest
daughter since December 19th,
2007 to this day of 2008. She was supposed to get in touch with me right after Christmas as she was moving. I didn't

even get to give the kids their presents. I haven't heard from her or my two grandchildren since that day long ago. (that is her to the right)

However I refuse to get depressed; although I have a lot of sad moments. I just feel that the best way to handle it is to pray a lot about it, adopt the idea that maybe no news is good news, and that hopefully we will find each other again. In the mean time I remain pro-active about trying to track them down. You see I think perhaps if we had been on bad terms I might understand this; but we were not. I pray that by Christmas this year or next they will turn up.

If anyone out there has any suggestions please leave them in the comment box. By the way I know my grandchildren would love that picture. They like kitties almost as much as their Grandma does!

Note: I often wondered why we dress our animals similarly to other animals or humans. I don't anymore. Most of the time my cats seem to enjoy it and they go along with the game.

December 6, 2008

Christmas Coming!

Christmas, it seems is coming faster every year. I think that thought takes up where my musings went in the last post; so I won't go there.

Here is a thought....doesn't it seem that the commercial part has started earlier and earlier every year. It amazes me to think just how bold the ads are getting too. When I was a child the only product that used Santa was Coca Cola. In those ads they didn't depict him as anything but 'the jolly old elf' himself. Oh yes, he was larger than life but he was recognizable as the same Christmas personality described in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. There weren't that many knock offs of Saint Nick back in the 50's and 60's.

I love the lights at Christmas but when did it get popular to spend so much on such frills that no one could have any luxuries for the next 6 months. I guess I am just an old fashioned gal and would really truly enjoy the kind of Christmas that I had as a girl with Mass on Christmas Eve and the huge dinner around 2 PM Christmas Day. By the way, I have but one Christmas wish...that is for my younger daughter to get in touch with me and to be able to talk to her and my granddaughters.

So in the tradition of all my Christmases 50 years ago ....I will in say without any doubt at all; "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus."

The other side of the Christmas coin for me is of course the babe wrapped in swaddling bands in a manger in Bethlehem.

December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

The time is drawing near for my 61st birthday. It is on the 9th of this month. Often at this yearly juncture, I am amazed again at how fast the time seems to go by in our lives. The strange thing is this; a minute, an hour, a day has always been the same amount of time. So I don't know where on earth we humans get this idea that time 'just flies by' or 'drags along'.

The other thing that comes to my mind is the fact that if I am just conversing with myself I think that I am the same in appearance as I was in my thirties. But then all I have to do is talk to one particular friend and she has me feeling as though I am in a wheelchair, half demented, and blind as a bat. Hey, don't you know that if you want to have a critique of any kind done the best person to ask is your 'best friend'. It is very strange the way they always seem to preface every thing they say with "you do know I love you; right?" Then they always end the conversation with something to this effect. "You know I love you and I only point things out to help you feel better about yourself in the long run." By the time she is gone, I am convinced I have an over sized crooked nose, a strange set of legs and horror of horrors far too much behind me.

But I do have a gentleman in my life who tells me that I am beautiful; albeit, at the oddest moments. For instance, when I have just woken tousle haired from sleep or I have spinach all between my teeth or I have a cold complete with a very huge red nose similar to Rudolph's. Gosh I truly am glad 'that beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and that the man with rose colored glasses is doing the beholding.

However, I try to comfort myself with the idea that I am wiser now. Truth be told, I am not all that wiser. It is just that generally speaking I try not to make too many mistakes in front of others these days. There are still a lot of people in the world that think that life is pretty well over by 55 but I notice that most of them are under 30. What I say is; "just you wait, at my age you won't be ready for the glue factory either". Besides there are an awful lot of us out there and baby boomers although not that young now are still very young at heart.

So I will get myself a cupcake, put a single candle on it, and hopefully blow it out when I make this years wish. What is my wish? Didn't tell anyone what they were when I was young and they generally came true so I am not going to break a habit of a lifetime now.