February 7, 2012

Update And What's Going On With Me.

In the update on 'About Me' page on my personal site I have posted something I put on Facebook in a message to tell a friend why I was taking them off my list. I think that the updates of January and February are self explanatory. Take a Look if you want to see just how I have chosen to finally deal with and gain closure with this situation.

I have been dealing with a lot of pain and loss lately. But the little guy in the picture has helped me be more positive than I would have been had he not been with me. I know the God of my understanding will see me through these challenges as he has all things during the course of my life. I believe that the things that He does not show or explain to me will soon be understood in His good time. I just have to practice patience. I find that I often have times of impatience and it is at those times He gives me, what seems to be, more to handle. I know whatever man does that is negative, God; as the Master Weaver, works into His tapestry as though a mistake was never made. In the end, all we do and is done to us is woven into the tapestry of life to fulfill his perfect plan.