October 18, 2012

Learning Even Now

For me; it is amazing how ones learning curve always kicks in when the teacher is available!  Sometimes, someone is your teacher even when they don't realize it.  Such has been the case with my Bank of America lately.  Suffice to say they charged me with some unfair and ridiculously high overdraft fees.  I phoned their business number in the states and had overdraft fees of $35 out of $70 on 46 cents refunded in last month.  Well I still felt that they did not have a right to be charging me the remainder on the first fee so I phoned again this past week.  After about an hour on the phone they refunded the other $35 and I am at last satisfied with that aspect of things.  The other thing that bothers me about all banks are the huge fees put on government checks that originate in the states.  Once they are through with a check of say, $400 you are lucky to have $350 left.  The only efficient  way to get your money out is the ATM and they are unforgiving on your end as well as the bank's end.  It is my opinion that the banks should go after those who are rich and leave the fixed incomes alone!

Another bone of contention is the problem I have getting a real live person on the line when I want to clear up a problem with that business.  I also have an issue with people who have scripts that they use on every customer on their phone line.  For instance, I don't think telling someone who is livid about a mistake on their companies part, to 'have a good day', when passing the person to a supposed superior.  Also what is the matter with people in the 'business world'?  Why on earth should I have to repeat everything as I go up the senority ladder?  Why can't they give me the right person from the beginning???  Well those are all my complaints for today.  :) 

We have had a lovely time  preparing our postage stamp garden in the front  for the winter; but I think we have done what is required now.  The fruits of our labour gave us many nice salads and sandwiches.  We have also been able to store some lovely herbs to put a hint of summer in our cooking this winter.  So my friends I will leave the last words to my doggie, Dylan.

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog  - this is an updated portion of this posting.

I sure think it is important to try to get along with all my canine  neighbors and although some of them are larger than me I do respect and appreciate them.  One noble fellow in our little neighbourhood was fighting for his life.  He was in Ruth's prayers constantly.  He did not get well; so I know that the Lord took him over the Rainbow Bridge as it was his time.  He passed away on Saturday the 20th of October.  My human friend says the important thing is; that an animal never suffer needlessly.  I might add that this particular dog's humans, the people that own this stout fellow; are very kind and cared a great deal for him.  Tete you are in our thoughts today.

Yours with paws,
Dylan the dog.