July 10, 2012

The Social Stalker

Who are you under the table?
Sometimes there are people who are too interested in being a part of someone elses life.  They don't hurt anyone physically; but can injure them in other ways.  They think that overt ingratiating behaviour will some how make them the stalked person's best friend or become someone they admire.  They seem to want to hang out with their 'hero'.  It works for a time but then the object of their attention can become annoyed and irritated.  

I think that probably the best way of handling something like this is to not let it creep you out.  If you are the recipient, it is important to just be yourself and use commonsense.  It would probably be a good thing to just ask the person to leave you alone.  Make it abundantly clear that they are embarrassing to the object of their admiration.  That, although it is flattering, you would appreciate it if they did not continually ask for your attention and company.  Make it clear that you, wish to make your own mind up as to who you want to be in company with on week days and your weekends in particular. 

Do a little research and find a place for the person to go in their spare time to make new friends.  People who would enjoy their attention.  Whether you are a Christian or not, society does not behoove  you to be a person that is there to take care of everyone on the planet.  If you can't take on a project there is probably a very good reason for that.  God gives us talents.  Each of us has their own God given things to pursue.  It is between the Lord and myself, for instance, just what my purpose or mission in life is and each of us must come to it in thoughtful prayer.  I must be able to set boundaries.  But I must be careful the other person does not feel like an 'untouchable'.

Sometimes life is like a social mine field folks....so be careful out there!

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog

It really amazes a little doggie like me the things that Ruth comes up with to write about.  Her head must be a very treacherous place to go.  She has  been around a great many different types of other people.  She wants to see a happy world out their for everyone including doggies.  I guess a being can only do the best they can.


Note:  The kitty on glass photo is from Cats on Glass and Dylan of course, was taken by Alec Bruyns.