March 21, 2013

Weather Report

I wonder  what is going on with the weather.  I sure wish the snow would go away.  This year I haven't even seen any snowdrops or crocuses poking out of the snow at all.  I have not written a lot of posts lately.  Unfortunately I have had more than my share of sick days in the last four months.

I have had a wonderful time this past month moving myself into a new room in the house.  The room is larger and a lot more interesting now with some of my Mom's and sister's furniture in it.  I am enjoying hiding my things away and putting my pictures and photographs up on the walls and shelves the way I want them.  Thank God that they survived the locusts on Long Island, New York. 

I have retired but it seems as though I still need to start actually doing my bucket list for sure.  That list is between me and the man upstairs but I will say this:  If my dreams could all come true paradise/retirement would be — in a little bungalow — somewhere by the sea.

   The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog

I can't understand why the grass isn't green and we can't go to the park for long walks.  Ruth says that it is too cold still.  It seems as though this winter will never end.  I am for flowers and Flutterbys showing up! 

 I have one thing to look forward to on Friday the 29th.  My groomer is coming by to give me a haircut and a new neck kerchief. She works with the Aussie mobile and comes to us.  It is less expensive than having to go to a groomer counting the cab and all.   She is so cool and really handles me with care.  I think she really loves the pets she grooms.