March 27, 2012

I often wonder why people don't think that older folks can't enjoy music past their particular era. Of course I love the 'golden oldies' that I watched climb the charts but there are a lot of artists I like that do good work today. When I was young I often would like a song without particularly wanting to watch the singer in concert. Madonna is one of the cases in point. But what is strange in my dotage now I enjoy listening to and watching Lady Ga Ga perform. I think that I maybe can chalk that up to being on the other side of the woman's movement.

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I love the Beatles, the Animals ...most of the British groups and singles; but there is a lot to be said about artists that have risen in the business since then like Lady Ga Ga, Bruno Mars, Komshens, Gyptian, Whitney Houston, Busy Signal, Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Foster the People, and Katherine Jenkins. I celebrate their wonderful talents as well! Of course I have very eclectic tastes in music so maybe that is why I have almost always been open to the new and innovative.