April 14, 2012

Flip Side of Easter

Well here we are on the flip side of the Easter Holiday. I hope the 'Bunny' was good to all and sundry but that you remembered the true meaning of the season. I was so grateful for my Church family this Easter and the wonderful services that different committees put on Friday and Sunday. Both services were quite inspirational.

I used this last weekend as a chance to file all the annoying piles floating around my bedroom and trying to stretch out the pain incurred by my Osteoarthritis. The next object I need to buy is a proper computer chair as the straight backed chair I am using is hard to sit in for long periods of time. May
be I can purchase one by Christmas. :) It kind of makes one wonder, at my time of life, just why exactly the world isn't always fair and the answer is grimly apparent.... I think it is because humans are messy and have a tendency to crap on theirs and others lots and lives. (Boy would my grade 10 English teacher, Miss Cole, be wincing at me if she saw the structure of that sentence .....LOL)

The other thing; that is on my mind today, is how well
Ruth's lovely garden is coming up in the back yard. The violets are all over the place, and Johnny-Jump-ups are just coming out. Savory, Parsley, Fever-few and a great number of other plants are making their presence known now. As always Ruth is as diligent as a mother hen with her chicks when it comes to sowing seeds, putting in plants, and nurturing them all. We people who live here are fortunate in being afforded the great privilege of being able to sit or picnic in such sumptuous surroundings. When we were in our teens and twenties who would have known that Ruth would still be a 'Flower Girl' these days?

Here is our Flower Girl herself!