May 20, 2012

Ruminating Over Some Ideas

I would like to use this posting to ruminate over some ideas I had while in the garden at the back of my house after church this morning.  My girl friend Ruth owns the house and tends her lovely garden.  I watched Ruth digging, planting and watering while I sat in the garden.  I thought how peaceful she looked and in balance with nature she seemed; while tending her garden.   Then my thoughts went to the sermon I heard this morning. It was the first time in my life I understood the story of Ananias and Sapphira.   I now understand the meaning of  'Imitation Spirituality' (Acts 4:36&37 and Acts 5:1 to 4}.  There is a comprehensive explanation of the historical and biblical ideas in these verses here

When Ruth sat down for a rest in between tasks she gave me a little music box that she found at one of the stores here in town.  She said that when she saw it she thought 'now that is something Ruth (myself) would like.  Alec, Ruth's husband, kindly installed a right handed railing by the steps to my room downstairs. He also drilled holes and installed plugs so I could hang some more pictures.  

Now neither of these people worship the way I do; but they have a great part in helping me form the thoughts and ideas I have by being with them, conversing with me, and just being Ruth and Alec.  So I think you may be asking what has that got to do with the sermon she mentioned?  Well I can tell you this: every time they give of themselves, their thoughts, or their hearts, I feel as though they have given me a taste of positive spirituality. 

There are a lot of folk in my church community that do the same for me in other ways.  They make me see things from a different slant and it helps me see my faith in a positive perspective.  And now as a result of this sermon this morning I am thinking about just being saved myself as opposed to being saved and telling others the good news.  Thanks to pastors Beth and Dave, I often find myself waking up in the middle of the night going over some provocative idea or thought they may have put in my head.

Back in the garden I think of what a miracle all the flowers and plants are and how wonderful our creator must be to have 'invented' all the lovely things; in our garden let alone the world.  When people tell me that there are no miracles these days, I feel like showing them the garden here in my back yard. 

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog  

Ruth took me to the back garden today.  She lost hold of the my leash.  I sat for awhile thinking I might go for a run.  I looked up at Mom and noticed that she had picked up the leash.  She said 'Oh I am so glad you didn't run on the beds Dylan!'  I guess I am smarter than I thought.


The photos of the Columbine, the Lily- of-the-Valley, and the  butterflies were taken by my friend Alec Bruyns.  The photo of Dylan was taken by myself.  The one of the kitty is a stock photo.