November 29, 2011

Twenty- Five Shopping Days Until Christmas.

I often wonder what this fascination with counting down 'till Christmas is all about. Don't these people know that the whole season flies past for us older folks? Why on earth can't people savor these things???? Give me time to take a look at the old tree and decide if I want to buy a real one or a new artificial tree. Do I want to get a sweater for the dog or a slicker? What can I get for the grand-kids? My kids? My close friends? The weird thing is when you and I figure all this out it will probably be within seconds of our last breath. 'Kids your Mom has found out something important.' Every one draws near and you or I breathe our last puff of air. I think what I am saying is this; none of it counts a fig in the Big Picture! What counts is the way we celebrate Christmas.

Which leads me to this bone of contention. Christmas is wait for this brain storm....entirely too commercial. I absolutely rue the day some idiot shortened the word Christmas to Xmas. To me that is absolutely sacrilegious. Come on folks show a little respect. Christmas is literally the Mass of Christ. Hello people! We are still in a Christian country. Those who are citizens or legal immigrants; whose traditions and faiths come from another culture, you know you are welcomed to celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Eid Al Adha, the Festival of the Sacrifice in this country. However, remember also that the Christian traditions of Christmas should take precedence outside of your home or places of worship. Nor is it good manners, for instance, to give those who man the Salvation Army Kettles dirty looks just because they say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays in their own Christian country.

his celebration isn't about Walmart, the Grinch, or how much loot you get on the morning of the 25th. It is about THE BABE IN A MANGER IN BETHLEHEM. I am not against the different Christmas animations or stories like 'A Christmas Carol'. Nor am I against all the lovely customs that come with this time of year from Canada and from other lands; but let us remember that this day is to celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday in this country of Canada.

My last pet peeve is this. Every year the magic goes out of Christmas a little more for our children at an increasingly younger age. Why are people so anxious for children to grow up so fast? Heck, the other day I saw a girl no older than 7 getting her eye brows plucked in a ladies salon, on television. It is crazy and foolish the way the media, parents and peers seem to take joy in ripping away a girl's or boy's childhood. Things like the wonder and magic of the Christmas story, friends and family together for their Yuletide feast, Saint Nick's visitation, including a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, and the caroling services at churches across the land on Christmas Eve or Day seem to be fading into the past. Put a little time into starting or maintaining some lovely old Christian traditions.
Please stop the insanity and help a child stay in their childhood for another year. Keep your big mouth shut!

Now I am going to close my mouth and let you maul over my words. In any case remember the Babe, the reason we celebrate, and enjoy this season.