July 27, 2012

Day Trippers!

Last Sunday I took a fall in a friend's back yard after church. I was in the emergency of our local hospital from 12:30 pm  to around 9 PM on Sunday.  It was thought I might have a mild concussion.  I went backwards off an upper patio dinging my body all the way down 5 flagstone steps and landing on my back on the lower patio of flagstones.  They took me to hospital in an ambulance on a flat board and wearing a neck brace; so my back and neck would not be jostled. 

They had to take 15 different x-rays.  Thank God I did not break anything but did severely strain a few vertebrae in my back and got a very large egg bump on the back of my head.  A friend checked on me quite often so I could to get through the night in one piece.  They woke me up every 2 hours to make sure I didn't fall ill with a head injury in the next 24 hours.

Graphics by Whisper and Guapo


So this past Wednesday, a friend of mind was driving to Lindsay.  They asked if I would keep them company on their travels. The trip, which is about 100.4 km or 1hour and 48 minutes driving time, turned out to be very pleasant and warm..  The air was wonderful, the scenery throughout all the towns; Scugog, Little Britain. and right up to the start of the Kiwartha Lake District where Lindsay sits, was as beautiful as always.  I suspect we took about 2 hours getting there and a bit longer on the way home, as we stopped for lunch.

We ate at a little 'trailer restaurant' on one of the minor roads in the area.  There seems to be a great many of this type of restaurant that sell french fries or 'chips' in all guises; with fish, burgers, poutine style, with gravy etc.  They always make their food from scratch and for some reason they are either housed in a stationary trailer or a truck.  

We also decided to play tourist and follow our noses along the back lines.  Well at one point we were kind of confused so we turned on the GPS and low and behold we came out at Hwy 7 going towards Richmond Hill once more.  All in all it was a lovely day for both of us.  I got to relax and enjoy a  some time out of the house.  It did a fairly good job of taking my mind off the pain.  My friend had someone to talk to while they drove.  Thank you my friend for taking me along.

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog

I wonder why it is that people and dogs don't have the ability to land on their feet more like cats.  I think that I see a great many more dogs, horses, and people injuring themselves than cats.  There is a big black and white cat upstairs named Bubba and nothing seems to happen to him.  He gets through the days intact but passes out the odd bite or scratch along the way.  It is most infuriating to be scratched with hind legs because Bubba is annoyed with another animal; who also doesn't deserve to be treated badly.  Luckily for me, Sandy, the part husky upstairs and I get on like a doghouse on fire.  Ruth hasn't been able to walk me at all since her fall but it will be okay soon and we will be able to get back to our routine.  Well that is about it from me.  

Shake a paw - Dylan the Dog

Note:  The photo of the injured cat and  the resting cat  can be found at common sights, and the cat in the car can be found  here .  Dylan  was photographed by Alec Bruyns.

July 14, 2012

Summer Time!

More Just Funny Comments

We are well into the summer season.  I don't know about anyone else but I miss the days of the old swimming hole.  Something for nothing or very inexpensive, with no chlorine.  I wonder where the pebbled beaches of the Canada's lakes are and why on earth one person should own it more than another.  
Used to be, back in the 50's before all the developers got their greedy hands into things a person could go about 20 to 30 miles north of the College and Young Street in Toronto and be in cottage country.  There were also lots of well tended public 'beaches' around Musselmans Lake.  Or a family could travel a bit further to stay the weekend at some lake side hotel or cabin row and enjoy the 'Haliburtons'.  
One can't do that these days much.  The water front property is  either expensively all over-developed, been declared off limits for swimming, or you must pay through the nose for an hour on the beach.  The water is no longer clear, the fauna has been tampered with as well as the flora, and there are far too many expensive fun parks, made for thrill seekers, beside super highways. 
What has happened to going to the Island for fun?  It seems to be a lost concept.  Cities like Toronto have neglected things like 'Ontario Place' for what?  Why I remember when we used to go to Sunnyside Amusement Park.  Those were quieter, gentler times when people could get far more fun for far less money!  Now I don't expect people to go backwards in time but surely it isn't too much for us to expect the City of Toronto or any other city with some of same situations, to not waste what we have developed.  Give Ontario Place a face lift and use your noodles down at the planning commission.  It is important for it not to cost the public too much.  It should be something that gives us more bang for the buck and still pay for itself. 
Stop wasting your time at town hall being self defeating and use your collective noodles a bit more.  Use the places that are built first, don't fall back on bigger and better of the same old rides.  Invent something that is both thrilling, educational, and not too expensive to build.  Toronto can be a city of good old fashioned fun again if we all try to make it happen.  How about a concept contest, open to all in the GTA from 8 on up?  Whoever wins gets a season's pass to the place.  Used to be a time when the people on boards here in Toronto would often get together and use their collective imaginations.  Wish we could see that happen again.


         The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog   

We Canines want to have a great summer too.  But that will only be possible if our owners purchase biodegradable poop bags and make sure they have them wherever they take us!  There are some none dog owners who look at some dogs with dread when they visit the park.  That is most likely because they have seen the owners let their dog's do their business and walked away.  People smile when they see Mom and I in the park because she scoops my poop.  Such a small thing to ask.  You say you love your dog?  Well then prove it by making sure their reputations remain unsullied.

Oh one more thing.  Anyone know where I can go for a stress free grooming in Richmond Hill.  One of the groomers who did not seem to know how to handle me awhile back; told Mom I should be done at the vets under local anesthetic.  Well Mom won't do that to a 6 lb Pomeranian like myself.  What baffles Ruth is that I had groomers that always had a happy puppy throughout my experiences in Oklahoma.  Surely there are groomers here that can do the same.  Please leave any information about a good inexpensive groomer on the comment area.  I know Mom  would also like to get some feed back on the blog.  Be careful out there and enjoy your summer everyone!


Note: The graphic of the water skating kitty was gotten hereThe  picture of Dylan was taken by my friend Alec Bruyns.

July 11, 2012

Why don't people tell the truth anymore?

We're big advocates for speaking honestly in and about close relationships. In counseling thousands of couples, we've seen an incredible amount of destruction wrought by hiding significant truths. Why do so many of us find it so hard to speak honestly in our intimate relationships? In our Couples Course, we put a big piece of paper on the wall, and invited participants to list all the reasons they had used to avoid telling some significant truth in a close relationship. Here's the Top 15:

1. I don't want to hurt your feelings.
2. It wasn't important (*referring to a 'one-night stand' infidelity.)
3. You won't be able to handle it.
4. This is not the right time.
5. I'll tell you when I figure it out.
6. I feel dumb (foolish) (embarrassed) telling you.
7. I should be able to handle this myself.
8. You must be tired of hearing the same thing.
9. You don't share so I won't.
10. I'm afraid you will get mad (sad) (afraid).
11. You're in a good mood and I don't want to bring you down.
12. I'm figuring out how to word it so I don't push your buttons
(*referring to confessing a sexual affair.)
13. You won't like me when you hear it.
14. Everything will unravel if I tell you about this.

15. You'll reject me or leave me if I tell you.

Here's hoping this list inspires us all to be more impeccable about speaking honestly!

Have you been on the receiving end or the speaking end of any other excuses for not speaking the truth? If so, please let us know so we can add to the list.

Founders, The Hendricks Institute; Authors, 'Conscious Loving,' 'Attracting Genuine Love,' 'Five Wishes,' 'The Corporate Mystic

Note:  Wonderful short video for those that enjoy a good animated film.

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog 

I am just a dog but I even know what being a liar means.  Like the day the border collie down the road was talking to me in the park.  He told me his human feeds him real steak every day.  I told him I didn't think that what he said was the truth.  So then he says, "Well every time he has steak he gives me half."  I said, "That isn't even true!"   Then he says, "Truth is he gave me one piece of gristle last winter."  I shook his paw and congratulated him for telling the truth.  I understood  why he had such a hard time telling the truth from an article I read here.   Just cause I don't have opposable thumbs doesn't mean I can't read!

Note:  The bunny and kitty picture as well as the one of Pinocchio  and Jimmy Cricket can be taken from common download sites.  The one of my dog, Dylan, was taken by myself in my old Long Island Apartment.

July 10, 2012

The Social Stalker

Who are you under the table?
Sometimes there are people who are too interested in being a part of someone elses life.  They don't hurt anyone physically; but can injure them in other ways.  They think that overt ingratiating behaviour will some how make them the stalked person's best friend or become someone they admire.  They seem to want to hang out with their 'hero'.  It works for a time but then the object of their attention can become annoyed and irritated.  

I think that probably the best way of handling something like this is to not let it creep you out.  If you are the recipient, it is important to just be yourself and use commonsense.  It would probably be a good thing to just ask the person to leave you alone.  Make it abundantly clear that they are embarrassing to the object of their admiration.  That, although it is flattering, you would appreciate it if they did not continually ask for your attention and company.  Make it clear that you, wish to make your own mind up as to who you want to be in company with on week days and your weekends in particular. 

Do a little research and find a place for the person to go in their spare time to make new friends.  People who would enjoy their attention.  Whether you are a Christian or not, society does not behoove  you to be a person that is there to take care of everyone on the planet.  If you can't take on a project there is probably a very good reason for that.  God gives us talents.  Each of us has their own God given things to pursue.  It is between the Lord and myself, for instance, just what my purpose or mission in life is and each of us must come to it in thoughtful prayer.  I must be able to set boundaries.  But I must be careful the other person does not feel like an 'untouchable'.

Sometimes life is like a social mine field folks....so be careful out there!

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog

It really amazes a little doggie like me the things that Ruth comes up with to write about.  Her head must be a very treacherous place to go.  She has  been around a great many different types of other people.  She wants to see a happy world out their for everyone including doggies.  I guess a being can only do the best they can.


Note:  The kitty on glass photo is from Cats on Glass and Dylan of course, was taken by Alec Bruyns.