October 28, 2011

Experiencing God!

I feel as though I have been traveling for most my life. Well of course, I have physically moved from place to place; but my spiritual journey is more what I am contemplating.

These days it doesn't seem as though people like to hear you say anything about your faith; but at this time in my life particularly I am not very interested in keeping myself aligned with the status quo. I am more concerned with my relationship with the Almighty. I want to make it clear; that what I am about to say, has nothing to do with Jim Carey, George Burns, or any other Hollywood idea of the divine. Sometimes, I wonder if all the speculation, comedy, sarcasm, and inappropriate drama around the subject, from that quarter, isn't doing more harm than good. But that is another subject entirely. Not even going to broach that one.

At present, I am involved in a bible study; that talks about how we humans can go about really 'experiencing' God. I have learned so far that a lot of my ideas were sort of impractical and unfounded in a lot of ways. For instance, the word servant has always meant to me a
person employed by another, especially to perform domestic duties or a person in service of another. This isn't a workable definition when it comes to a the reality of our relationship with God. To be a servant of God is quite another thing. God tells us that He does His divine work through us. That we can do nothing, for him, on our own. Not even, Jesus does anything on his own. The Father works through Him as he he works through us. This is illustrated in John 5: 17, 19-20. Well that is one of the paths I am taking spiritually in my life at present.

On a less theological note, I wanted to say in this blog; that I am taking the sidebar update off my blog today. Having it on a site that I see many times a month does not help me
forgive and forget these people. I will leave it on the other site as I have rewritten it to be a little less mean spirited. It has to be out there; as a sort of warning to others who find themselves on their own.

Note: The book 'Experiencing God' by Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King is the one I am in the studying within a group.

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