December 28, 2008

After the Celebration

It seems that just as soon as the big day comes it is over before I know it! At least this seems to be the consensus about Christmas day among my friends. A lot of us spend the day after feeling full and uncomfortable. As that particular day goes , 2008 wasn't bad at all. I spent Christmas day with my friend and her children and her grandchildren. She and her daughter put on a wonderful feast! I ate far to much and she sent me home with 'a plate for tomorrow'.

However the next day after the fact I missed my children and Tom horribly. I had my little weep and tried to do some work here on the computer.

My boyfriend, Dennis and I spent quite a bit of time here online yesterday playing a generic game of Scrabble which was a lot of fun! We had the video up and the phone on so we could taunt each other. I need to do some work today. I really hope that I can have my revamped sites up before the first but at the very least by the fifth of January.

I truly hope that you and yours enjoyed a great Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or any other winter holiday you may celebrate in your home!

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