December 28, 2008

Well soon it will be a brand New Year! Time sure does fly doesn't it? It doesn't seem to matter whether you are having fun or not. I have often wondered where the traditions of New Year's Eve and Day came from so I looked it up. Click on the word spirit below to see the whole article.

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"Symbolically, New Year signifies a renewal of life. Hence, the spirit of celebration for the regeneration, while discarding the old and worn out. The customs and practices, though modified through the centuries, have still their distinctive strains in the ways we welcome each onrushing year."

I don't bother with any resolutions as such anymore. I just try to do the best I can for myself and others that I can throughout the year. I just hope that 2009 works out better than 2008 did. Not that this past year has been so bad; it's just that I hoped I would have more personal and business progress. I do believe that it will be better this coming year. I just have to put a little more 'relaxed' effort into my days and not get all anxious.

So on New Year's Eve and Day where ever you are; if you are in the mood, and you happen to be making your New Years wish or saying a special prayer say one for me please. God Bless all of you and see you in 2009!

Graphics by Whisper and Guapo
Note: Try not to eat too much and if you make resolutions why not do them 'One Day At A Time'?


Wendt Worth Corgi's said...

Progress comes at many rates and one should be happy as long as that progress goes in the right direction. Atleast that way you know your doing something right. We also can be too hard on ourselves and need to look at everything we have done and accomplished, big or small. Tap yourself on the back for w/any progress comes some form of pitfalls but they all lead to our success. Great posts and keep up the great work.
Wendt Worth Corgi's

Regina said...

You have an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Hi Ruth,

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on New Years. By the end of the year, yes I do feel worn out and happy to see the start of a new year. Although I'm not as happy to see another birthday. :-)

Regina said...

I have to agree with you Wendt!!!!