December 19, 2008


I am having a problem these days. You may have or have not noticed my Personal on some of my sites. I have not talked to my youngest
daughter since December 19th,
2007 to this day of 2008. She was supposed to get in touch with me right after Christmas as she was moving. I didn't

even get to give the kids their presents. I haven't heard from her or my two grandchildren since that day long ago. (that is her to the right)

However I refuse to get depressed; although I have a lot of sad moments. I just feel that the best way to handle it is to pray a lot about it, adopt the idea that maybe no news is good news, and that hopefully we will find each other again. In the mean time I remain pro-active about trying to track them down. You see I think perhaps if we had been on bad terms I might understand this; but we were not. I pray that by Christmas this year or next they will turn up.

If anyone out there has any suggestions please leave them in the comment box. By the way I know my grandchildren would love that picture. They like kitties almost as much as their Grandma does!

Note: I often wondered why we dress our animals similarly to other animals or humans. I don't anymore. Most of the time my cats seem to enjoy it and they go along with the game.

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