June 29, 2008

Not Amused

I am not at all happy with a company that I have been working for on a daily basis. This particular company is dataprocessors.org. I became a gold member after doing their free program for some time. I didn't get paid the dollar any of the assignments for the free program at all. They claim the company had changed hands and kind of shrugged responsibility for the free program off. Fine ...I still want my pay.

I have been doing the Gold assignments for a total of 54 days up until a couple of weeks ago. My last letter told them that if I did not receive a letter of explanation from them within 48 hours I would write about my problem on my blog. Once that number of assignments turn to 60 the first 30 days were due to be paid. Each assignment was worth $10 so they owe me $540 to date of which $300 should have been paid once I hit the 60th assignment which they did not allow me to do. I have gone to the email were I found my assignments daily. For the last few weeks that I was doing assignments, I had to play catch up because of thunderstorms or tornado warnings or both, my old computer getting repaired, and then my new computer being set up by my tech. So there were a few days I had to play "catch up" and I wrote Data Processors about the problems at their support email. I did not receive any letters or notification back what so ever!

I believe that the people behind dataprocessing.org owe me a for both my free assignments and my gold member assignments. The very least they could do is write me about the situation. I would still be more than happy to continue with my gold membership if they could be honest about things, let me carry out my next six assignments, pay me my first $300 and then not cause anymore fuss nor ever give me cause to to believe they just may lack integrity in the future. So come on people at Data Processors be honest, pay up, and let me continue my little job with you!

It may interest all of you out there on the Web to know that I enjoyed this little job and I believe I did it to the very best of my ability. I am also an affiliate and I will cease being an active affiliate until they make good on what they owe me for both the data processing and the affiliate links.

Note: People at the desk for support@dataprocessors.com please write me!

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JessicaC said...

I have also been waiting for a check from Dataprocessors.org. I did their 7 day trial, then paid the $25 to become a member. I have done 50 assignments and when I changed my address and asked for confirmation, when I was going to get paid, and how much, they didn't respond to any of my numerous emails. They owe me $500 and I've stopped doing the assignments for obvious reasons, it has become a waste of my time.