June 24, 2008

A bit of a Mull!

It is very hot here. Its too bad our scientists can't utilize human perspiration; I would be a rich woman if they could.

I am having problems loading things of the affiliate nature onto some of my sites but I think I will find a solution to this problem. This making a living online isn't always such an easy thing to do lately. But I know that things will work out because I know what I am offering the public are sound good products. (You heard me rant last month...now I am giving myself a little pep talk.)

That brings to mind the weird way in which companies take off discounts on different products. The one that comes to my mind adds all their fees and such together, then taxes the product, and then takes the discount off. That doesn't seem fair to me....why should I be paying for the taxes on the discounted portion?

Okay now here is another problem that I have been mulling over in my mind. Just why is it that people in general aren't as friendly as they used to be when I was young? Is it that I remember only the good day to day things and my child's heart just forgot about the real witch like folks around me? Or are people really a lot more distant than they used to be back then? Sure would like your comments on this one! I mean I am far from naive; but my spiritual side just wishes for people to be a lot more neighbourly. (Forgive me I am a Canadian and often spell things the way I was taught.)

Well that's about all I have on my mind today. Hope your day turns out to be full, happy and abundant! Think I am going to take a hint from our little friend there and go get myself an iced raspberry tea.

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