August 13, 2008

My Malfunctioning Income

There are malfunctions all over the net lately. They say that doing something is as easy as pie; and it continues to be a hassle. Trying to get a website up is like pulling teeth, trying to get paid for things (see previous article) is next to impossible and honesty on the net is at a premium. I feel like things are not the way they should be. I have not got satisfactory answers to many enquiries I have submitted. It amazes me how things like the BBB Online, The Better Work at Home Business Bureau, and The Federal Trade Commissions not only don't answer the complaints one submits but really don't seem interested when the little guy gets gypped. Such sites as Data Processors at are one of the companies that have not paid me for my work. There are other sites which I will probably sight in later postings that have told me that I will make money and I have made little or nothing with them. My online enterprises are my income and because I don't have big business bank account to impress people with it seems as though success often alludes me. No I am not feeling sorry for myself I am merely making my problems public on this blog to see if others feel the same way. Comments are always appreciated. I would appreciate no solicitations.


mel said...

Hi, I am having the same problem with I was wondering if you ever heard from them?

R. D. Shultz said...

Mel ...that is the one I am talking about.