May 9, 2008


We have been having, for the most part a lot of rain here south of the Mason Dixon Line. A lot of thunderstorms and tornado warnings. So far there hasn't been any tornadoes in my area of the city; knock on wood. But what I really want talk about how much inclement weather affects this techno-cat. We had a lot of rain from April 29th to May 9th which is today. Now we have been fortunate to have 2 or 3 days without precipitation.

I drove about 5 miles to Ted's computer shop last Friday to have my machine looked at, She was 'blue screening' overtly and rebooting when I didn't ask her to do it. I left her there with him so he would have time to work on her. Ted phoned me later late Saturday afternoon to come pick her up. He had replaced my power supply and well he was in there I asked him to give me some more ram which he did. The bad news was that I may have to exchange the old girl for a new one as the main board isn't long for this world.

I can hear you saying to yourselves, "What has inclement weather got to do with having her computer fixed?" Bare with me friends; things are about to be connected. The bad weather, having to take the old girl to the hospital, and my self-employment do not get along together. Since April 29th I have missed 7 days due to the proverbal cats and dogs, and a day and half on account of a sick computer. That left only 3 and a half days to get almost 2 weeks work done.

Alright, now here is my question folks: With all the technology out there can't they come up with a sound, inexpensive, dependable, surge protector? One that does what it is supposed to so people like me can run their computers any and every day? Why does my work have to stop because fickle, old, Mother nature decides to give us April showers in May?
I have half a mind to get in direct touch with the people that create such electronical devices and ask them to give me one of those gadgets for a decent price.

Well now don't we all feel better? Ruth has gotten that off her chest and my corner of the world is a safe, quiet, place once again.

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