February 6, 2008

The Fella Behind Pizzatherapy

Albert Grande first caught my eye in late 1998. He owns Grande Publishing and his passion is making, finding, smelling, eating, and writing about pizzas. His site is literally amazing. I have had the pleasure to have gotten acquainted with him by email in the last couple of years. This gentleman has a pleasant, generous, spirit. He obviously loves life and approaches it with a great deal of vigour.

You can go see his site at Pizzatherapy and find a multitude of wonderful recipes for both pizza and pasta but his main focus is the pizza. You can even purchase an excellent cookbook; by Albert. He named it 'The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book' and it includes with it a video called 'How to Make Pizza Dough'. Right on site Albert has some interesting videos about pizza dough, pizza making, along with some fun videos. This site is definitely for both the beginner and aficionado.

Albert is also someone that enjoys sharing anything he may know about Internet Marketing. He has many links on his site for the novice as well as someone who has been around for a while. He often reviews new products as well. You can find out all sorts of interesting things about him and his beautiful adopted tropical home state at Hawaii! You can find Hawaii Secret Dot Com here.

In my eyes, Albert Grande emulates the true meaning of a 'Renaissance Man'!

*Albert just put a lovely video on his site at Hawii Secret Dot Com. Go here and catch a taste of Hawaii! Click on How to Make A Haku Lei under video links on the left at his site above!


pizzatherapy said...

Hey Ruth.

Thank you so very much for your very positive comments.

I greatly appreciate your support and am very humbled by your very kind words.

Albert Grande

Anonymous said...

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