January 13, 2008

Websites Can Be Hurtful.

I went to a website just a couple of minutes ago. I am to say the least disgusted and disappointed in this young man's sales page demeanor. He says, 'If $69 is too much of a "risk" for you to alleviate the dozens of hours of work (literally) to get quality traffic to your site, then Internet marketing simply is not for you'. I find this offensive. How does he know that about any of us out here? He doesn’t know my circumstances. I find this offensive. There are those among us who are struggling to make a living.... want to be able to save time....but that is not as important as keeping the lights, water, and heat on. I am working hard to get "there". So perhaps this person will see my posting. I certainly hope so because he should know that he appears to be on many levels a self-righteous knowitall.

It just infuriates me to see brash people on their sales pages say things like 'only $197' or 'only $69'.  These people are not catering to the little guy or gal but the gurus that are either known or underground or some poor fool that just got a big income tax return, settlement, large monthly dividend or inheritance. I did have quite a few people in this business that I looked up to but now there are not many as say in 2004.  I perceive a lot of them saying 'I want to help people'; then they turn around and charge enormous price tags for their products. Excuse me, I am not a tire kicker, nor am I a 'bear of lttle brain'; like the beloved Pooh. I am an intelligent determined and articulate lady entrepreneur with little or no capitol; which makes it hard to get from point A to point C but I will because I am convinced that I will succeed.

So though I am annoyed at a lot of the people that are selling systems, software, and other products I am here to tell you that I do believe in myself. I know that I shall soon have that experience of going to paypal and shrieking with delight over the money I have made. And I won't have to charge excessive prices or say things on my sales pages that make people feel crappy. You see unlike some on the net I want to be uplifting to others, help them, and touch their lives in a positive manner.

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lulimoli said...

Bullseye! I completely agree with you there. I, for one, have read literally thousands of marketers' sales talks with varying degrees of gimme-your-money-right-now or you'll-be-sorry sales pitches. I have never bought anything which, I now realize, is the upside of not having a credit card. HaHa!(If they knew that, they would have kicked me out of their much-bragged-about long list!) I just want to learn and earn; spare me the brash tactics.
Like you, I want to earn online even if it's a long, winding road. I belong to the silent generation and am intimidated with techology but I'll get there.
Nice blog you have here. At 64 I can relate to you. Wait, gotta start blogging too.