September 2, 2011

Pleasant Visit

I am lucky enough to have some lovely relatives left on this old earth. I spent a wonderful afternoon this past week with my niece and sister. Let me tell you, the latter lady makes a mean macaroni salad (hmmm...try to say that real fast a number of times in a row). We had amazing banana bread with coffee when I arrived and then had lunch around 1pm. They have a lovely garden and my niece maintains it very well. It was quite mild so we ate in the garden. As usual my sister and I reminisced together over incidents that happened long ago. Here I am, to the right, in their garden; with Dylan, my Pomeranian.

Midweek the three of us visited Richmond Hill Public Library. Now there is an impressive building. I went up the elevator to the upper floors and looked out the windows. No word of a lie - I could see downtown Toronto. I was shocked to see a little kiosk on the main floor just inside the turnstiles. They sold coffee, tea and pastries. I guess its all part of the libraries attempt at trying to win back customers from the internet coffee bars and the internet in general.

Don't get me wrong. I love my P.C. I love posting on my blogs, working on my writing projects, and maintaining all my websites. But; I hope the day never comes when we don't read books, research in the library, and appreciate the written word printed on actual pages. Here is something really important to remember. If you drop a Kindle, while in the tub it's 'kindling'; but if you drop in a paperback then it will usually dry out.

Note: Got driven to the Ontario Service building to deal with health insurance. I won't be able to use OHIP until the month of December! Oh well just keep me in your prayers so I won't have accidents or get sick until after January.
*My sister is coming to visit people here in North America...sure will be nice to have her visit me before she goes back to Australia! *

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