August 24, 2011

New Perspective

I, Dear Readers, have decided not to rail on anymore about my problems. I have made a decision to only write and try to think about what happens in my life that is positive for at least the next 2 or 3 months. So if there are not many posts in that time you will understand. I don't have anything to write about! Honestly though; I believe that should make my perspective sunnier. I know that I can't go into winter with this frame of mind or it just may turn into a very long, cold, depressing time.

So, in this happier frame of mind; I tell you that my friend in New York has said she has sent some more boxes of my possessions. My little dog Dylan continually is a source of fun and joy to me. I have a few new friends here along with the couple I have known for more years than any of us care to admit. I often have very int
riguing and interesting conversations with these people and that is what I missed when I have been alone. I have enjoyed arranging my lovely buttercup yellow (yech) room quite nicely; although there is more to do to make it even more comfortable and homey. That is all good and positive!

I am going to a barbecue with my friend Ardelle on the weekend; which should be fun. We also intend to go to a backyard picnic after the Sunday service. I am enjoying church again every week and going to another kind of meeting semi-regularly. I am getting more work on the net daily. My spirit is getting lighter by the hour since I made my decision. Never know; I just may be dancing a jig soon.

Note: Got my 5th box from New York on Friday; but still waiting on the 4th. Glad to see the 6th box turn up Monday/today! Looking forward to the 7th box with all my cds and dvds that she said she would send. However I am still waiting on the 4th box.

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Susie Moore said...

HI Ruth,

Very nice post and very positive. I enjoyed your post and can see many things happening positive in your life.