May 10, 2010

Legs Can't Take It!

Folks, I am not a happy camper of late! I have been working like a beaver with it's tail on fire getting my things packed. I had to go downtown on business on Friday. I went to my destination on the OKC Metro Transit System ....that's bus to all of us that don't like fancy labels. I finished my business and went to the right bus stop to wait so I could travel home. I waited for over and an hour and a half, got frustrated and decided to walk home. Luckily when I go out on my own like that, I take a cane just for support. Well I bet you can guess what happened already folks. Two miles is much to great a distance for someone with game legs older than 50. You guessed it, I can barely walk now without my right leg hurting with every step. I am so upset with myself and the useless bus service in this town. I may just take myself to the Sawbones to see if anything can be done to alleviate the problem. Needless to say with only 21 days to get packed and gone out of my house, I am in a slight panic.

Which brings me to another query. Why are your friends all around you when they can acquire something from you but not there when you need some help??? Mind you, a lot of my friends have jobs, school, families, and disabilities so I can see why they cannot help me. But I have those that call themselves friend; that are footloose literally and figuratively that could help. They all know I am moving but none of them have called to offer their help. I don't know about you but I have the idea that the world was a much more agreeable place when I was a child. All I can say is pray for me folks and hope that I get through the next 21 days unscathed.

PS: If anyone out there needs a couple to rent an apartment, studio, or loft in a private home on Long Island in northerly section of North Massapequa, or Bethpage or Northwest Farmingale near Boundary Avenue give or take 7 to 10 blocks in either a north or south direction or in Plainedge near Wyoming Ave please tell me in comments or use email. We have two very well behaved Tabby cats and an equally well behaved 6 lb Pomeranian. They are part of the family and we can't adopt them out.

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