April 7, 2010

Easter And The Move Ahead

Well here it is the 7th of April. I had a lovely Easter at my friend's home. She put on a large, delicious spread. I am very fond of ham and all the fixings. Her daughter made a castle shaped spice cake for dinner with cream cheese icing. There is nothing like the combination of good friends and good food.

We have had a combination of thunderstorms or the sun shining brightly for the last couple of weeks. In both cases the temperature has been quite warm; 60 or warmer. We were able to turn off our furnaces down here, at the end of March. As a matter of fact; I have had my stand up fan on for several days. Surrounding the house there are dozens of clumps of hyacinths, a sprinkling of tulips, a clump or two of Irises, and a few daffodils. They were a nice surprise.

Another lovely result of this weather; is the fact that I don't have to wear a jacket anymore. I am still in the midst of packing. I just hope that most of it is done by the end of this month. This whole business of moving is harrowing to say the least; but I have every confidence it will work out well. I am looking forward to setting up house in New York and visiting my daughter and grand kids in Ontario, Canada.

I have to get all three fur babies their shots; ready for the trip. I hope that they weather the move well. Dylan, my Pomeranian needs a grooming before leaving too. Haven't quite completely made up my mind just how we are going to make the move; but that will come by the end of the month too.

When I think of all the changes going on in my life, I must remember that life flourishes on change. We have to be aware that it is all of our experiences that make life interesting and worth living. I know something else for sure; anytime there has been a change in my life, it has always been for the best in the end. So folks keep me in your prayers for this and next month. I need all the support I can muster. Thanks to Tom, my late husband; I not only believe in dreaming my dreams, I believe in living my dreams!

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