May 7, 2009

On Death and Organization.

Sorry for not posting anything for a few weeks folks. Going through some personal and business problems but I am working through them.
I am going through that very hard transition from Blogger to Business Site. Trying to not only look professional but run my little business a bit more professionally.

A young friend of mine; who is half my age, is going through a terrible struggle with cancer. That is always a sad thing to watch. Another friend of mine just died at the end of April at 82 years young.

All this has given me the ambition to write a will, get insurance to cover costs when I pass away, and instructions for my memoriam as I have opted for cremation.

I have decided to have a lot of my favorite secular tunes as well as couple of hymns played or sung. I want my memoriam to celebrate my life not morbidly define my death. I want people to remember me with fondness and to share anecdotes about me. I want them to serve my favorite chocolate cake recipe and coffee at my 'wake'.
I would appreciate them remembering me for my flubs as well as my good points.

And that; my friends, is my offering for today!

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