April 21, 2009

Sad News

Friends I have some very sad news.

Panda; my tuxedo Manx, was sick with a liver problem for most of last week. She suffered from fatty acids in her liver. Evidently this is something that happens to Manx cats. The 'cure' has cost me but my precious baby was worth ever penny. On Friday she got back the pink in her ears and on her gums. But on Monday I had to take her again to visit the vet as she had spiraled down badly. Now its Tuesday and she was very listless this morning. My groomer friend and I took her back to the Vet. This friend of mine had to quit full time grooming and vet technician after 30 years because she broke her back. She had pilled Panda for me and helped me to follow Doctors orders. She had already had 3 SubQ's (under the skin watering so to speak) and she got better ...like pink gums, skin and ears but then she g0t that yellow tinge again. We tried our best to initiate her getting better.

When I took Panda to the vet today. They are sure she had full blown liver cancer; as she literally crashed late yesterday. When we got her to the vet this morning she really needed to be put to sleep. I am broken hearted right now but know that it was the best thing to do for Panda. She didn't warrant pain and suffering. So now she is over the 'Rainbow Bridge'.

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