November 12, 2008

Ranting about Products Offered on the Net

I was looking at some new courses and products on the web. I was suddenly stricken with a thought. No wonder these people are millionaires! They not only charge exorbitant fees for all their marvelous 'Can't miss', 'Will make you thousands', and my favorite, 'So easy my 10 year old can do it' products they are trying to sell you. They razzle dazzle you with pictures of all the tangible things they have acquired because of their product. Generally speaking, they didn't get rich using their product but selling it at humongous prices.

There are those that have courses that will probably do what they say and really want to help others; as well as make money; but they are few and far between. The one course I am particularly thinking of has his client/student pay almost $500 and that is only 10% of what the person will end up paying. However the one good thing about his pay system is that the customer is on the honor system and doesn't have to pay the balance until he feels he has earned enough from the fruits of the labor that is associated with the course.

My problem with this whole high priced thing is that I don't consistently make enough yet to be able to afford even one of the few excellent courses or products that are online. I am having fun just trying to keep a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

Of course I suffer from information overload just like everyone else. This month I am trying to weed what I want from what I don't in my email accounts. This is a huge task as I usually get 800 or more each account. Most of the business contacts on my accounts are sending me multiple offers a week, but its spamming if I try to show them something of mine which I believe really unfair! Its not that I don't understand why they technically call it spamming but why shouldn't you take a gander at mine if I have opened and read yours?

Well so much for today's rant. We'll see you in the next post and please feel free to comment if you wish.

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