November 21, 2008

Cat With a Hat Just like Jason's

I just saw a video that Jason Moffatt made at some seminar in California I think. This young man is irreverent, swears worse than any sailor I have never known, and his appearance is to say the least very 'casual'. Having said that I think he is a truly caring, empathetic, and sincere individual.

I understand a great deal more about marketing and videos than I did before. I have learned that some marketers are very flamboyant and that Jason doesn't mind having a lot of fun.

I went to his blog, and learned a lot about him and what he really cares about. I also learned a lot about marketing from the blog. I got a great deal from his other site here
and the accompanying blog as well. He isn't a polished young man but he is definitely on his way to making a great mark in this industry!

Oh by the way Jason, congratulations on the new house!

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