October 17, 2008

Spirit Mind And Body

Lately it has been hard for me to sit at my work station for very long. If I do I experience a lot of pain. This is my excuse for not writing very much of late and I'm sticking to it. Evidently most sources site that anywhere from 600,000 to a million people get shingles in the US each year. I happen to be one of the over 50's that has contracted it. By the way the majority of the people that have them are over 50. Add to that agonizing scoliosis, compacted discs at my neck, carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and excruciating arthritis in my limbs and back.

Now that I have given a litany of what ails me; I can tell you where I am mentally and spiritually these days. I state with some pride that the old brain pan works quite well; if I remember to use a calendar to keep track of appointments. It takes a little longer for the old messages to travel round my body from my brain these days but they get there. Spiritually I think that most days I feel a great deal of comfort from my faith. It works if I meditate and pray every day. As for what I believe, I won't share that here as I think that faith is a very personal thing.

The only thing that brings my spirits and thinking down is not being able to get a large 'list' built for all my business endeavors. Oh and burning my scrambled eggs the other day. Hopefully the list will grow and I will watch the eggs more carefully the next time.

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