October 28, 2008


Ever since I had my first Black Cat unfiltered at 8 or 9 years of age, I have quit at least a dozen times a year. It is a very strange thing. I know they are bad for me, leave an awful odor and taste, and that it doesn't look sophisticated at all. What it amounts to is a dreadful addiction.

Just a word to you younger smokers. It gives you wrinkles before your time and absolutely pulverizes your lung power. Not only that; if you want one you have to go outside of a building which isn't so bad unless its 30 below.

I need to quit because of the coughing I do to clear my throat in the morning, the clothes I have ruined burning them, and the horrible taste in my mouth all the time except when I have just brushed my teeth. Most of all, I want to live a few more years cancer free if posible although I can't undo what I have done.

To the young folks out there, take an elder's advice and don't start! As for me, I shall keep on quitting one day at a time.

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