December 8, 2007

Some Clarification of Intentions

When I started this Blog it was with the intention of helping my readers learn from and with me all about writing for fun and profit. In the last month things have strayed from that original purpose. We all make mistakes but I think for me it is a case of my work morphing into something which will help me succeed.

I think I will stay with the original purpose generally speaking but given my quirky sensibility it will evolve a little left of center. Writing is a craft as a lot of people think but it is also very recreational and extremely cleansing as with journals and autobiographical material. Soon I hope to have a web site that features things like copywriting courses and other affiliations to sites that devote their material to writing. Whether it is a good, honest, nonpatronizing sales page, a well constructed landing page, or just a page full of the authors thoughts for that day it can all be very enlightening .

Today I am just going to leave you with a task. If you could please leave some comments on this article it would be appreciated. Tell me what kind of things you would like to know more about and I shall try to incorporate it in later articles. I don't want this blog to be merely a monologue but a chance for me to exchange ideas with others. Hopefully this will enrich both our lives. I think that Terry Pratchett said it best; "Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself"; but I say writing is a shared experience or it has no worth.

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