December 20, 2007

Blogging Must Have A Purpose.

I believe it is very important to have a purpose behind your blogging. Whether it is to promote some sort of new marketing system, coaching software, ebook or if it simply to state one's opinion on a particular subject.  Most of the people I know a bit online work hours that are convenient for them.  I find creating a blog rather than a web site allows you to work a lot less hours once you got the initial blog up and running.  I also find that my writer's heart enjoys creating a blog a lot more.  I truly wish I understood the act of making money online a whole lot better.   One hopes when all is said and done the bottom line is to help others but it doesn't hurt to make some income for yourself and to have some fun doing it all.

Lately I have been paying attention to some other fine bloggers. Rich Schefren is a young man who has real integrity about his work on the net. I suggest you take a look at his site, just click to the right under interesting Links. There is a lovely young lady named Jinger Jarrett that has managed to answer a multitude of questions for me both as a writer and internet marketer. Lonny Linquist is one gentleman who is more than generous with his talents and a lot of free software. Albert Grande is another fellow that bears mentioning. He is more than generous with 
his time. These are just three of the good, honest and understanding folk you can find on the net. All these people have more than one purpose to their blogging of course; but they all want to help others succeed as well.

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