August 21, 2013

A Few Things To Blog About.

I have a few things to blog about today.

#1.  I have been resting and reading a lot lately as I have spurts of really bad pain.  But I have realized something really neat.  As it did when I was younger, pain seems decreased when one is busy.  I am trying to write some articles but can't sit for much longer periods of time than one hour.  So I do my work in increments and fill in with lie down thinking time.  Sometimes I even end up literally dreaming up ideas and themes.  I really enjoy writing so I do it as much as I can but am careful not to overdue as pain does not make it creatively easy.

#2.  I really would like to be better at paper work but know that I shall never surpass most first year college students.  I really would like to have a better understanding of how taxes work but no matter what I read the subject evades me.  I would like to do my own income taxes but just don't understand how to do it.  But what I can do is write from my heart so I shall do what the good Lord gave me the talent to do.

#3  "I see the Creator of all things is not at our beck and call nor is he 'the magic man' there for our singular satisfaction.   We in this life have free will and in order to get blessings we have to first believe in a higher power and then to do what he guides us to do in our lives.  Our belief or faith that He exists,  not our good works all of which we must do in any event, is what gives him the urge to give us blessings.  He bestows these on both the just and the unjust because he is a merciful creator. 

Having said that, I want to go on to say that we as human beings are exactly where we are for the right reasons even though it may not seem right at the time.  The Creator I believe in does not give me anything more today than I can handle; even though it doesn't always seem 'fair' in that instance.  So  in light of that how can we meditate?  Put in simple terms, I try to be the very best me I can be today and try to stay in the moment."  *Author Unknown or it may be something I wrote.  I cannot tell you as this was taken out of my text folder and has always been something I have believed for over 30 years.  

#4  No matter what life hands me it is my choice to try to behave as helpfully, compassionately, and rationally as possible; while not allowing anyone to use me as a door mat.

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog 

I went to the Lady's garden with the Lady, Ruth, and her daughter this morning.  I was so glad to be outside I barked with joy.  Everyone was talking and wanted me to stop barking.  I don't understand.  Why do I have to quit when they don't?  Just saying -.

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