July 2, 2013

Pondering Consequences

I often wonder why we aren't all brought up successfully to understand fully the idea of consequences.  Not just to know the difference between right and wrong but to understand that with every action comes a reaction.  

For instance; when we are little some of our parents left us to explore things around us while others filled our lives with dancing, singing, aerobatic, or piano lessons.  I tried my best to bring up my three children; whom I love very dearly, with as many advantages as possible.  I did not always make the right decisions nor was the world we lived in always kind to them.  For reasons only the good Lord knows for sure, their life lessons were mostly left up to me.

I suppose, that as young adults my generation had to relearn a lot of the values our parents had given us.  This was mainly as young people a lot of us had our own agendas; as a lot of us were part of the hippie subculture for awhile.  We were fortunate enough, to be able to remember a lot  of those things we had learned from our parents too.

However, whatever the reason, many of us from the last two generations, have not carried  on with the idea of consequences very well.  So like deer caught in the headlights, we are surprised when things that are not so pleasant happen to us or do not turn out the way we have dreamed they would turn out.  So with the passage of time we had to realize just what we needed to do in the world around us.  I think, taking stock, that my peers and their children are not doing too bad a job of it either.

Most of my generation that I know and our children are very aware of environmental, political, and social issues and seem personally involved in setting things right.  So in the end most of my friends and family have, in the end become aware of the whole action-reaction theory.  My fervent hope is that it isn't too late.

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog 

I don't worry too much about  the world at large.  I am just here to tell you what a wonderful feeling it gives a dog like me to dig the earth under the trellis in the garden.  The earthy smell quite fires me up for a new day.  The lovely lady that tends the garden doesn't mind if I dig there.  

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