April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past Easter weekend was lovely!  The Tenebrae Service on Friday was very impressive and it made Easter Sunday all the more joyful!  My faith as been bolstered considerably.  Thank you RHCC Service Team.

I wore the 'Easter Bonnet' that I bought and Ardelle decorated.  It matched my new blouse to a 'T'.  I really appreciate having such a talented friend.  Prior to the Easter Service everyone had a lovely breakfast together which included a lot of eggs; coloured and plain.

I hope that this Spring supplies us all here at the house with renewed energy so we can enjoy living.

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog    

I don't know much about Easter except I got some nice nibbles of ham on Monday.  But Ruth told me that the Lord made all the creatures here on earth including me so I guess Spring is a good time for this doggie too!  I won't get my grooming done till this coming Friday as Mom cancelled the one for March 29 as it was Good Friday.  I am looking forward to seeing my groomer then.


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