December 6, 2012

CHRISTmas is coming!

To me it is important  not to say such things as 'Happy Holidays'  if we are Judea-christian.  I have no problem in wishing others; who aren't of my faith, things like Happy Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, or  Hanukkah. But as a Christian; I feel that most things during this very commercialized season are not germane at all.  The two things that are important to me are the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child and the sweet innocence of the season, seen through the eyes of children when Santa is mentioned.  Saint Nicholas is another way of expressing the spirit of Christmas and it all goes back full circle to the gift of the Christ Child.

The Wee Few Thoughts of Dylan the Dog 

I hope that you enjoy your special day in December and I wish you the very best of that day.  I want a grooming before Christmas.    I hope all my fellow canines get exactly what they want as well.

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